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Tools / Polishing

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Alumilite Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum chamber for removing air bubbles in rubber and resins

Aluminium Ratio Scale Ruler


Excel Handle and Carving Routers

Heavy duty handled carving routers

Excel Soft Handle Knife/Blades

A soft Handle Scalpel/Knife with Blades

Latex Gloves Disposable (100 pairs)

Seamless disposable latex gloves

Latex Gloves Disposable (5 pairs)

Seamless disposable latex gloves

Measuring Scales

Scales for measuring resins and silicones

Microgloss 1oz


Microgloss No.5 1oz


Micromesh Variety Pack 3 x 4inch


MX File 7-1/2 x 800


Pack of 12 Wooden Clay Tools

12 various clay sculpting tools.

Padset 2x2

A set of Micro Mesh pads

Plain Rolling Pin

A plain 225mm Rolling Pin

Polishing Belt Kit

For finishing small intricate parts

Round Armature Wire size: 1/16

Non-corrosive Aluminium Armature Wire
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