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Flexible Silicone Guest Soap Mould SM2000
Flexible Silicone Soap Bar Mould SM2001
40mm Small Squares Soap Mould RO408
40x40x25mm Cavity
50mm Round Soap Mould RO409
50mm diameter x 25mm deep
60mm Squares Soap Mould RO407
Alphabet Silicone Mould HO095
10gm soap letters (28 letters) (Can be use with Resin)
Baby Shoes Silicone Mould H0157
65gm soap mould (2 soaps per mould) (Can be use with Resin)
Bear Silicone Soap Mould HO141
70gm soap mould (Can be use with Resin)
Bear Soap Mould RO466
Car Soap Mould RO693
Classic Rectangle Soap Mould RO360
Classic Round Soap Mould RO309
65mm (diam) x 30 mm
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