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FGR-95 Alpha Gypsum Cement (22.5kg)


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FGR-95 is a long set time alpha plaster (gypsum) designed for use with fibreglass reinforcement. It allows the manufacture of large and intricacte architectural elements for indoor applications at relatively low cost and ease of processing. This system is also great for case moulds or mother moulds when FMG (Forton Modified Gypsum) is not required.

 When Used with VF812 FMG Polymer you can create a usable interior grade casting laminating system for sculptural and architectural elements. Can be used for exterior use with Dry Melamine and Ammonium Chloride. Please enquire further.

This item will need to be delivered through COURIER due to Australia Post weight limit being 20kg. Please contact us if uncertain of charges.

Pick up also available

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