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Trowel-On 60 5kg
Polyurethane back up/mother mould making material


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Trowel-ON60 is a 2 part brush on polyurethane designed to replace polyester resin and fibreglass for mother mould (backup mould / support mould) making and vertical hand lay-ups.

It can also be used for coating polyurethane foam and making light weight, thin walled shell parts. It has the easy 1:1 by weight mix ratio and can be demoulded in 1-2 hours.

It has a ShoreA hardness of 80 ideal for producing the quick to manufacture, light weight strong mother moulds that used to take all day to make with fibreglass. It has a working time of 10 minutes, gels in 15 minutes and can be demoulded in 1-2 hours.

Mix Ratio: 100:100 by weight
Pot Life: 10 minutes
Demould: 1-2 hours
Colour: Off White
Colour with BJB Pigments

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