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Helmar Spray Adhesive 330g
Spray Adhesive is a general purpose pressure sensitive spray adhesive.


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Spray Adhesive is a general purpose pressure sensitive spray adhesive. 

It can be re-positionable or permanent.
For re-positionable use just apply to one surface.

For permanent use apply to both surfaces.  A good example is mounting a poster.

If you require a re-positionable mount, only apply to the reverse side of the poster.

Wait until it dries usually a few minutes and then mount. 
You will still be able to lift the poster off at any time.

For permanent mounting, spray the reverse side of the poster and the surface the poster is to be mounted on. Wait a few minutes for both surfaces to become tacky and then mount the poster.

It will now be permanent. 

Ideal for use with textiles, paper, fabric, cardboard, cork, pictures, photographs, 
art & craft, etc. Great for holding down patterns in the fabric cutting trade. 
Perfect for holding down T-shirts onto pallets for Screen Printing.

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