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LARGE - Craftco Microwave Jewellery Kiln - Glass Fusing made easy!


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Craftco Microwave Jewellery Kiln

Now you can make your own beautiful glass fused jewellery with a low cost kiln, in your own home. Jewellery that previously used to cost thousands of dollars to make using large expensive pottery type kilns, can now be made with these new ceramic fibre “container kilns” right inside kitchen microwave oven.

The Craftco Microwave Kilns are available in two sizes. This  kiln has an internal measurement of 130mm x50mm the external is  195x110mm  enabling a much greater scale of work.

Both kilns come with an Instructional booklet designed to give an introduction to this fascinating new craft of glass fusing, together with a small starter pack of kiln paper and glass.

 Larger packs of Bullseye, dichroic, confetti and millefiori glass, are also available in our store, to get your creative juices flowing.

Please Note: The Craftco microwave kiln is designed to be used with a standard 800-1200 watt microwave oven with a metal interior. Ovens with a plastic interior are not advised, as the interior temperatures of the kiln may reach as high as 900?C. This is NOT a child’s toy!

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