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Pyramid Mould Nubian Russian 80 mm Base, Height 165 mm
Russian Pyramids, Golden Ratio Geometry, Self Lubricating Polyethylene


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Base 80 mm, Height 165 mm, Angle 76 degrees, Fill Volume 351 mls
We all know the hassle that we need to go through when it comes to demolding our precious orgonites, we have invest time, love, passion and money in the casting process, no one wants trouble when it comes to getting the casting out. 

The way you prepare the mold for casting is pretty much self–explanatory, there is only one edge to tape, just hold the mold closed, put some tape on the edge and you are ready for casting.

This molds just make your life easy, turn your mold up side down, and your casting should pop out without any force or pressure, however if for any reason you find difficulties taking your casting out, simply remove the tape and open the mold like a book

About HDPE:

Very low co-efficient of friction
Very high surface release properties
High chemical resistance
Excellent impact resistance
Very good damping properties
Weldable plastic
Excellent abrasion resistance

Resin Casting molds
Flow promoting liners to resist sliding abrasion and assist release.
Conveyor components subject to high wear and requiring low friction.
Componentry in direct contact with food stuffs.
Parts subject to high impact stresses.

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