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EX-74 Art and Coating Resin 946 mls / 32 oz Limited Food Safe Rated
Ex-74 UV Art and Coating Resin Complies with ASTM D-4236 and FDA CFR 177.2600 High UV Resistance - HALS , High heat resistance, Zero VOC


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EX-74 UV Art and coating resin - for the professional artisan
  • High UV Resistance  HALS
  • Complies with ASTM D-4236 and FDA CFR 177.2600
  • High Heat Reistance
  • Self leveling properties
  • Mixing ratio 1 to 1 by volume
  • Superior Clarity
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Very low odour
  • Alcohol resistant
  • Accepts most dyes, pigments and inks
  • Excellent bubble release properties
  • Accepts most acrylic, oil based paints, dyes and inks ( always test first)
  •  Once cured is waterproof
  • One coat known as flood coat produces deep attractive finish
  • Max mixing volume 1 Gallon (3.78L)
  • Max pour depth 3 mm
  • Working time 25 minutes at 21C
  • Cure time 8 hours at 21C ( Full cure 72 hours)
  • 946ml covers 8 sq ft
  • 3.78L covers 32 sq ft
  •  Manufactured in the US by Environmental Technology Inc

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - Click Here

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