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ULTRAPOUR MASS CAST EPOXY 30 kg - Deep Casting - Food Safe
Epoxy resin system specifically designed for the casting of medium sized items. The long working time of 2 hours for a mass of 500ml allows for a greater level of clarity. Low Exotherm suitable for Small River Tables and Medium size moulds such Pyramids, Cubes and Spheres. Perfect for embedding dried flower.


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ULTRAPOUR is a two-part, epoxy resin system specifically designed for the casting of medium sized items. The longer work time allows users to achieve a high level of clarity, without the need for a vacuum degassing system. It also allows for larger batches to be mixed with lower exotherm (heat generation) than other comparable systems.


Recommended for: Mass casts, Small River Tables or River Cutting Boards, Medium sized Homewares, Medium Size Spheres, Cubes or Orgones.
Potlife & Demould: 500ml mass 2+ hours/ 24-48 hours
Hardness & Type: Shore 80-82D


Product Highlights

- Contains anti-yellowing additives

- Displays excellent adhesion to other substrates and cohesion on multiple layers

- Good fluidity and de-airing properties

- FDA Approved and Non-Dangerous Goods for transport

- Easily tinted with a vast range of compatible colourants

- Low exotherm resulting in low shrinkage

- Convenient 2:1 ratio by Volume

- Fantastic clarity and visually water white

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