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Aldax Moulds

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1 Litre Bottle
Aldax CraftSil BLUE 1.1kg
General Purpose Mould Making Silicone
Aldax Latex| Platster Rinse 1 litre
Alumilite Metallic Powder - COPPER 1oz (28g)
Reproduces a metal appearance without the hassle of working with metals.
Alumilite Pearlescent Powder - PEARLESCENT 1oz
Create cool pearl effects with your resin castings!
Amazing Clear Epoxy Kit 1 gal US - Food Safe (3.78 Litres)
Easy to use 2 Part resin. Ratio 1:1 Multipurpose medium viscosity clear resin. Coating,...
Artistone 2kg
Lightweight stone like material in powder form and water proof. Carve,sculpt over...
Bangle Resin Mould PM 51389- Bangle Internal Diameter 6.7cm Shiny Surface
Small Plastic Resin Jewellery Mould
Basic Resin Polishing Kit
bqueen Jewellery Resin 463 gm kit
Translucent Polyurethane Resin for casting Jewellery
Clariti Clear Epoxy Resin -1.5Kg
A low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy resin used in potting and casting applications...
Reference MLD-HCP2
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