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About Aldax Moulds   ABN: 34 000 081 247

Who is Aldax?

Aldax started business in the late 1940’s with Stan Alderson as its founder. For over 70 years we have been helping people get a second income and develop their creative talents.

Since inception the small family company has been associated with moulds and mould making and casting in some form. 25 years were spent as a manufacturer, importer and distributor in the Hobby Ceramic Industry.

Let me introduce the team that is Aldax today.

The company is now run with Adam Alderson of the second generation, as Managing Director and has moved on to providing a cutting-edge service in the general mould making and casting industries.

Jackie Spinella has been with the company for over 40 years, looking after financials, while her son Joseph, a graduate of Western Sydney University, has organised digital aspects of the new look company and its development and expansion for the past 10 years.

Adam’s brother Mark and sister Amanda Walsh, have taken over from Stan who at 96 wanted to cut down on his work load and are directing the company into new avenues.

Mark acted as Chairman for 25 years, of Camera House, an 85 independent camera store group, started by Stan, and brings invaluable experience to the company.

Amanda has just retired from the job of Regional Sales Manager for South East Asia for Fuji Film Visual Sonics and has taken over all promotional activities for the company.

What a team!

Here is what we do.

Mould making materials such as latex, polyurethane and silicone are used as well as the new speedy mould making materials, such as putties. Casting materials include plaster, gypsum cement, polymer clay, resins and food casting products.

These product are used to duplicate items that can be generally described as handmade. Such as jewellery making, knives, wood coating products, wall climbing holds, fishing lures, decorative garden ornaments, sculptures, figurines, home decorations concrete and cement moulds and so much more.

Why make only one of your special creations? Use mould making to ensure you can duplicate your best efforts.

Many of our customers have set up small businesses, with websites or sale through eBay, Amazon or Etsy, to make a second income. We represent designers and manufacturers worldwide and can offer a broad range of stock moulds and special order moulds, many of which we design and manufacture ourselves. We use 3-D printing and vacuum forming equipment for production.

We supplement our range of stock moulds, rubbers, resins, plaster, etc with the appropriate tools, and jewellery findings for the home DIY customer, to bring his or her projects to life.

To assist the hobbyist and budding entrepreneur, we have a blog site in addition to our web site, to offer information, videos and new developments in the mould making and casting industry.


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