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Our resin moulds are made from special plastics to enable the ready release of epoxy and polyester resins. They are designed for making resin jewellery and for embedding.
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Amazing Clear Epoxy Kit 2 gal US - Food Safe (7.57 Litres)
Easy to use Liquid to Solid Clear resin! Complies with FDA standard for limited food...
Chinese Coin
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers 12 colour set
EPOXY GLASS medium viscosity, ultra-clear resin, UV resistant
How to Start a Home based Jewelry Making Business Book
By Maire Loughran
Mermaid Left RM 51519
RM51519 Mermaid Left
Mermaid Right RM 51520
RM51520 Mermaid Right
Polishing Kit
Polishing Kit contains everything you need to prepare your surface for a high gloss...
RM 51554 - Assorted Butterflies
RM 51554 Reusable Mould for Casting Resin Jewellery Pieces
RM 51605 - Shell Soap Dish
RM 57400 - Our Little Pet
Silicone Bangle  Mould Making Kit
easy and reusable Frame Kit for Bangle Making
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