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Getting To Know the Glass Etching Cream Kit


Clean the Surface
1. Clean the glass or mirror thoroughly to remove all grease, dust and fingerprints. Avoid cleaner solutions that advertise Finger print resistant, as these cleaners leave a film on the glass that hinders the etching process. Avoid finger prints on the glass where you are going to etch. Dry glass or mirror completely
Selecting stencil design & applying to glass
2. Choose the design of your choice and carefully cut the stencil sheet and the frosted backing sheet together to avoid touching the back side of the stencil sheet.Measure carefully to determine where you will locate the stencil on the glass or mirror. Separate the blue stencil sheet from the frosted backing sheet. Put aside the frosted backing sheet to be used later. Place stencil sheet on the glass with the blue (tacky) side touching the glass. Secure stencil sheet temporarily to the glass with masking tape.....read more

Etching Cream

Glass Etching Cream

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