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This is a segment of the decorative concrete industry that offers real possibilities for the person who likes to get in early. Wall cladding and Imprinting has really taken off overseas and there is no reason to believe that the process will any less successful in Australia.

Any existing wall no matter the structure of the wall can be surfaced or clad with either precast stone available in many natural stone shapes or have a similar design imprinted or pressed into a cement mortar applied to the wall. We will be releasing designs for six different shaped stone effects.

Faux Walls & Wall Cladding

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Interlocking Chipped Sandstone Wall Claddding Poly U Mould CM4002 370mm x 205mm x 15mm
Long Lasting Professional Poly U wall Cladding Mould with interlocking design
Ledge Stone Wall cladding PolyU Concrete Mould CM 4000 490mm x 190mm x 20mm
Concrete PolyU Wall Cladding Mould
Square PolyU Concrete Mould 200mm x 200mm x 30mm
Concrete PolyU Wall Cladding Mould
Stone Stack wall cladding Poly U Mould CM 4001 400x100x25mm
Long Lasting Professional Poly U wall Cladding Mould

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