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Silicone Homeware Moulds
Silicone Homeware Moulds

Silicone Moulds

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The Classic Medium Platter is a premade silicone mould
Curved Edge Resin Tray Mold Oval Or Round
Resin Tray - Oval
Drg1 -Dragon head silicone mould
DrgB - Fantasy dragon body Silicone Mould
7 1/4 cm long x 2cm wide
DrgP3 -Profile dragon head Silicone mould
A Silicone Dragon mould 7cm long
G1b - Two Goddesses - extra small
From top to bottom casting is 4 1/2 cm
G3 - Earth Mother Goddess Silicone mould
6 1/4 cm from head to toe
GDf1 - Divine Feminine Goddess Silicone Mould
7 1/4 cm long by 5cm wide
Geometric Circle Round Stained Glass Resin Coaster Mold 4pc Set
4 x Geometric Circle Stained Glass Coaster Set
Hexagonal Platter Large 20cm diameter gloss finish
Hexagonal Platter Mould - 11cm gloss finish
The Hexagonal Platter is a premade silicone mould
Large Round Agate Resin Tray Mould - 22cm diameter
Large Round Agate Tray
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