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Plastic Jewellery Moulds

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0_ Deluxe Jewellery Kit
A more advanced and complete resin jewellery making kit.
0_ How to Make Resin Jewellery Kit
A complete kit which provides all you need to make your own resin jewellery.
2 Hexagonal and 2 Triangular Earrings RM 51386
RM51386 2 Hexagonal and 2 Triangular Earrings
3 Hearts and Star RM 51618
RM51618 3 Hearts and Star
5 Assorted Leaves RM 51657
RM51657 5 Assorted Leaves
Abstract Shapes Earrings RM 51617
RM 51617 Abstract Shapes Earrings
Angel RM 51527
RM51527 Angel
Angel RM 51528
RM51528 Angel
Assorted Animals and Miscellaneous RM 51692
RM51692 Assorted Animals and Miscellaneous
Banana RM 51467
RM51467 Banana
Boher Fly and Flowers RM 51470
RM51470 Boher Fly and Flowers
Diamond Round Earrings RM 51613
RM51613 Diamond Round Earrings
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