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Fishing Lure Excitement. Make Your Own!

Add more interest to your hobby by using your own lures. Easy to use Kits come complete with instructions.

It's as easy as these 4 steps:

See our wide range of products for making your own fishing lures below:

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Fishing Lure Kits

Mica PowdersSoft PlasticsBooks & DvdsUV Resin
Mica Powders

Soft Plastics

Books & Dvds

UV Resin

Alumilite Resin DyesIlluminous PowderHigh temperature siliconeMetal powders
Alumilite Resin Dyes

Illuminous Powder

High temperature silicone

Metal powders



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Larry's Workshop One - 2 DVD Set
Over 2 hours of instructional video about lures and lure makingCasting hard and soft...
UV Resin AlumiUV 2 LBS/ 907g LARGE TIN
UV Resin, Alumi UV, 1 part resin, Shore 80D (very hard), Cures in minutes under a...
Alumilite Micro Balloons 32oz by volume
Microballoons are hollow glass spheres that decrease the weight of your castings...

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