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Clear Coating Resin Review

Finished Crafts Courtesy of Carmi Cimicata of ResinCrafts.blogspot.com

Clear Coating Resin REVIEW


Clear Coating Resin Products


Envirotex Lite is a pour-on finishing resin that cures to a thick, glossy coat equivalent to 50 coats of varnish. It dries in about 8 hours and reaches full strength in approximately 48 hours.

One coat of Envirotex is all that is usually required and is self levelling. It is a durable material that dries to a high gloss without the necessity of polishing.

Envirotex is great for water effects in dioramas and also jewellery embedding.

Available in 6 Sizes

EnviroTex Jewelry Resin

Professional results are easy to achieve with EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin! This product adds depth and crystal clear clarity like no other. It visually enhances the surface on which it is applied, resulting in brighter, deeper and more intense colors. EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin has amazing bubble release. It is easy and fun to use and has a pleasing citrus scent! Formulated for high resistance to light exposure and UV rays from the sun. When cured, the resin coating is extremely durable, waterproof, heat & chemical resistant. EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin cures to a soft cure in 12 hours, medium cure in 24 hours and hard cure in 48 hours.

Available in 2 Sizes

Envirotex Spray Aerosol

 EnviroTex Spray Sealer/Finish is a fast drying, high solids acrylic spray (this is not EnviroTex Lite pour on in a spray can).  This product is ideal for sealing porous surfaces such as paper or wood prior to flood coating with EnviroTex Lite.  Apply EnviroTex Spray to delicate surfaces such as dried flowers and fabrics to add a little stiffness and support before coating with EnviroTex Lite.  EnviroTex Spray can also be used as a “bonding agent” on surfaces which are hard to bond to such as plastics, glass & metal.