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Resin Spray Aerosol Can 149gm (5.25 oz.)
High Gloss Spray - COURIER ITEM ONLY


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Castin Craft Resin Spray 149gm (5.25 oz. ) Multipurpose Clear Gloss Finish/ Sealer
Easy to apply and fast drying gloss coat.
Excellent sealer and high gloss finish.

Ideal for covering imperfections on cured casted pieces and sealing off surface tackiness on polyester casting resin pieces. It adds luster and shine to resincreated in a mould that may appear dull when removed. Its best applied by several light coats for most applications.

Resin spray is idea sealing paints, inks, gel markers, metallic pastes, paper, fabric, dried flowers and other items which you wish to embed in resin. It works great to clean up cast resin pieces which have been lightly sanded and its a fabulous top for polymer clay projects.

Contains No CFC's or HCFC's

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