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Easter Plaster Mould Kit - 5 Easter Moulds - High Quality Plastic Hobby Molds
5 easter moulds


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Aldax Plastic Hobby Mould
Includes Aldax Moulds numbers 2256, 2257, 2238, 2239 and 2274.
We guarantee that all of the popular white plastic vacuum formed moulds that we supply, are manufactured especially for you, here in Sydney, after we receive your order.
Why is this important?
We wish to give you fresh, new moulds. Unlike the moulds you often see in stores, that may have been manufactured months or even years ago, that are brittle and possibly slightly discoloured, we aim to provide you with strong, long life moulds.
For this reason (although it would be more profitable for us to do so) we do not keep this type of mould in stock, held for ultimate sale, on our factory shelving.
Their big plus factor, is that these moulds are economic, produce quality castings and give terrific value for money, if fresh and new!
Please Note: It is not often these days, that an Australian manufacturer, is given the opportunity to provide a product, that is equal to or better, than an imported Chinese product, at the same price but with a greatly improved length of life.
This is made possible by the months upon months necessary, to get stock on shelves, when importing from overseas.
We provide a same day delivery as requested by eBay on all product except of course for the hobby moulds, which as explained we hand make individually and this takes a few extra days to do properly.
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