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Alumilite High Strength Silicone 3 - 1lb / 454g
Flexible high tear resistant silicone rubber Shore 10A

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Alumilite High Strength Silicone 3 is great for moulds with deep undercuts. It is the softest and most flexible rubber and yet has a high tear strength making it ideal for moulds that normally would require a two piece mould to be made. This of course eliminates unwanted seam lines and flashing by making one piece moulds rather multiple pieces saving time and money.
The High Strength 3 is low viscosity which does not require degassing ( always recomend when available) and will pick up the exact detail of your orginal. Use Alumilite Rubber to Rubber mould release when aking a 2 piece mould.
Colour - Pink
Mix Viscosity 15,000 cps
Hardness 10 A Shore
Temperature Range -67 to 395F
Mix Ratio 10 : 1 by weight
Open Time 45 minutes
Demould Time 12 to 18 hours
Full Cure 7 days
Casting per mould 50 - 75 pulls dependant on care taken with mould


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