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Calligraphy January - June


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Part #: 20-0555

Stencil Designs and Sizes:
Caligraphy Months Jan-June 1/4" high
January 7/8"L 
February 15/16"L
March 3/4"L
April 5/8"L
May 5/8" L
June 9/16" L

We developed this unique lettering system to make it easier for everyone to create custom names, dates, and messages to decorate glassware for gift giving and special occasions. Perfect for wedding glasses, anniversary presents, birthdays, business gifts and more.. you save time and money by doing the etching yourself. Choose from months, dates, years, bride and groom, complete wedding assortments, anniversary dates, holiday greetings, and upper can lower case lettering. We even offer sheets of vowels and punctuation marks. Combine this lettering system with our large selection of Rub?N?Etch stencil designs to create an unlimited assortment of design ideas. 
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