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RC-3 Alumilite Tan Polyurethane 32 oz / 946 mls - Large Castings
RC-3 Resin Colour - Tan Mix Ratio 1 to 1 by weight or volume Pot Life 2 minutes Mixed Viscosity 110 CPS Shore Hardness 74D Temperature Resistance 92C Accept Fillers


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This is the most economical of all Alumilite resins. It is a general purpose resin ideal for casting those large cosmetic pieces that use a considerable amount of resin where you have to keep the costs down. An added advantage is that it accepts dry fillers very well, enabling further reduction in costs

74D Shore Hardness
1 to 1 mix ratio Volume or Weight
2 min work time
Fast 5-10 min de-mould
Virtually odourless
very thin consistency
Can be painted, stained or dyed
slush casting
Perfect for the modeller
RC bodies, model trains and hard body lures
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