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Brown Microcrystaline 1 kg


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Micro Wax is a compounded microcrystalline wax that has been formulated to give the artist a wax that has many of the working quailities of commercially available brown microcrystalline wax. It is slightly harder and considerably less tacky. Micro Wax is ideal for sculpting applications. It cuts and works easily without being so soft that it will deform. It is not sticky and does not cling to tools and hands while working at room temperature. If the wax is to be used for slush moulding, best results are obtained by pouring with a wax temperature between 93-104 degrees celsius. When pouring more layers of wax, do not allow the base wax to become cold. The hot wax must be poured on the base coats right after the wax has set up and is still warm. If the wax becomes cold or the pouring temperature is too low, delamination of the wax layers will occur. 
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