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PearL Ex 12 Colour Set 1 kit
Includes twelve 3 g jars.


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The Pearl Ex 12-piece Gift Set contains 12 popular Pearl Ex in 3gm jars:
Red Russet
Super Copper
Brilliant Gold
Sparkle Gold
Super Bronze
Sunset Gold
Interference Violet
Interference Gold
Duo Red-Blue
Pearl Ex product features:
Heat resistant
Acid free
Ideal For: 
Faux Finishes
Fishing Lures
Resin Painting
Polymer Clays
Sculptors + Artworks
Resin Jewellery
To use with Polymer Clay apply sparingly to the surface of unbaked clay then bake. It is best to apply just a small amount at a time and build up the colour in stages.  You can also apply different colours and blend them together on the same piece.
Bake as per manufacturers instructions for polymer clay and then apply a varnish to seal after baking (this prevents the mica wearing off over time)
Pearl-Ex can also be mixed into translucent clay as a tint.

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