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Pyramid Mould - HDPE Type: Golden. 80 mm base , height - 110 mm
Orgone casting pyramid mould made from self-lubricating Polyethelene


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HDPE - Orgone Casting Pyramid Mould
80 mm base , height - 110 mm, Angle 63, Fill volume 404 mls
Self-lubricating polyethelene mould.

When it comes to orgonite casting we all need to make sure that we have the best mold possible. By this we mean one that gives smooth enough finish to castings and most importantly does not stick to the resin.

Preparing the mold for your next casting is very easy, you should not get any resin on the sides of the mold, only place that you could get to clean is where your pyramid bottom meets the top of the mold.
Use a large metal spatula to rough clean and then polish with foam.

About HDPE:

Very low co-efficient of friction
Very high surface release properties
High chemical resistance
Excellent impact resistance
Very good damping properties
Weldable plastic
Excellent abrasion resistance

Resin Casting molds
Flow promoting liners to resist sliding abrasion and assist release.
Conveyor components subject to high wear and requiring low friction.
Componentry in direct contact with food stuffs.
Parts subject to high impact stresses. 
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