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ClayMate 900g
Clay Mate is an oil/wax based modelling clay


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  • Claymate is an oil/wax based modelling clay, medium to firm grade at room temperature. Claymate provides excellent adhesion and cohesion as compared to other low quality grades of plasticine. This means sculpting layers bond properly and makes it easier when sealing mould boxes. Claymate can be easily softened with heat to varying degrees of pliability and can be liquefied and poured, be sure to stir as melting to avoid separation.
  • Claymate is also an excellent all round workshop style clay for fabricators, fibreglassers, mouldmakers
  • Claymate is compatible with all Barnes Silicones
  •  Larger 3-4kg blocks are in an oven-able foil tray and heat sealed, these are available by calling 1300 731 497 as they are sold by the kg and blocks vary in weight.
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