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Marine Shapes Plaster Hobby Mould Kit


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Marine Shapes - Plastic Hobby Mould Collection

We have selected 5 of our most popular marine themed moulds and made them into an all in one value pack. We have included everything you need to get started casting including 1 kg of casting plaster and 100ml of Aldax CraftRinse to give you bubble free castings. We've also included a comprehensive colour instruction booklet to get the best castings possible from your moulds.


Includes ALL of the following.....

2 x Shell Moulds
2 x Fish Moulds
1 x Dolphin Mould
1kg Casting Plaster
100ml CraftRinse
1 x Colour Instruction Booklet

5 High Quality Plastic Hobby Moulds

Our plastic hobby moulds are manufactured to the highest quality in our own factory. The plastic we used has been carefully sourced to last for many castings and are also food safe in case you wish to cast chocolate or items for cakes.

Aldax Moulding Plaster
The kit includes a 1kg bag of Moulding Plaster. This plaster has been specially selected for it's hard surface giving better definition and chip resistance.
Aldax CraftRinse

Aldax Craft Rinse is a specially formulated liquid rinse that ensures bubble free plaster casting. CraftRinse wets the surface of the mould and allows the plaster to flow smoothly into every detail of the mould without trapping air bubbles.

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